Computex: Antec Reveal Kuhler H20 1250 And 650 With Fan/Pump Hybrids!

by - 7 years ago

Just when you thought all-in-one liquid coolers were all the same, and Antec were one of the worst culprits simply producing barely changed rebranded Asetek units, Antec have just gone and done something really different. Their new Antec Kuhler products the Kuhler 650 and 1250 do something very strange, yet it looks pretty awesome. Basically these units have three key changes over their predecessors. Firstly they use more powerful pumps, a very important change given most AIOs are criticized for their relatively weak pumps. Secondly, they use more radiator optimised high airflow fans, something I think is important given I reviewed Antec’s Kuhler 1220 and found the fans to be on the mediocre side to say the least. Thirdly and finally the very unique part is that the fan motors power both the pump and the fan controls so the fans and pump work in harmony.

You can see more clearly that the tubing flows directly into the fan motor and comes out again. This isn’t exactly revolutionary technology as if you have ever seen inside a pump it essentially uses a near-identical motor to a fan – hence why fans have hydraulic bearings. Yet the idea is pretty revolutionary and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before.

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3 Comments on Computex: Antec Reveal Kuhler H20 1250 And 650 With Fan/Pump Hybrids!

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    They do look a little different to your stock & trade AIO’s. I’ll take them for a spin when they’re finally released & who know’s, maybe I’ll replace my H80i with one of them. Ironic seeing that I don’t overclock my personal rig at all yet all the parts I have are designed with overclocking in mind.

  • Avatar Jes says:

    Problem is fan dies, your SOL. Cause the pumps are on the fan itself.

    Upgrade, get the H200

  • Avatar feared says:

    This isn’t revolutionary, and yet it’s a revolutionary idea? :/

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