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It doesn’t matter if you listen to pop music or heavy metal, a good set of headphones should be able to handle what ever takes your fancy, especially if you leave your playlist on shuffle like I do as you never know what is coming up next. The City Beats offered up crystal clear audio quality no matter what I threw at them and while the sound didn’t make me go “WOW” it didn’t falter either. What we have here are headphones that can deliver a balanced, accurate and enjoyable range of bass, mid and high tones without distortion, regardless of what you’re listening to, this is of course a very good thing. If you want to deafen yourself with incredible bass, buy bigger headphones, if you want well-balanced frequencies, these are for you.


Being quite trendy headphones, it only seemed fair to give them a little field experience and I decided to take a pair out with me for the day. Their super lightweight thanks to their minimal design and this lends well if you spend a lot of time with them around your neck rather than on your head,  they don’t feel like they’re getting in the way and that can be an important factor for a lot of people.

When on your ears they do block out a lot of outside noise, mostly due to the closed ear cups on the back, leaving you to focus on the music. The headband is strong and supportive and while they may not hold in place if you’re doing Parkour, they’ll hold up fine to some moderate jogging.


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