CM Storm Sirus-C 2.2 PC & PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

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Final Thoughts


Priced a little over £70 from to Sirus certainly isn’t cheap, but it does fall in line with similar priced headsets in terms of features and performance from rivals such as TteSports and Turtle Beach, but the multi-format features do help improve its overall value for money.


CM Storm have proven many times before that they can make a competitively priced and great quality gaming headset, and the latest addition to their Sirus series is no exception. It’s not perfect in my opinion, as it left me a little underwhelmed when it came to music playback, and that is partly due to my personal preference for a fairly flat response set of high quality headphones when I’m enjoying my favourite albums, something that would make for an unfair comparison for most gaming headsets in this price range. Yet when it comes to gaming, the Sirus really shines through and I wouldn’t expect anything less given that it is marketed as a gaming headset.

Bass is full of detail, yet not as over powering as I thought it would be given the dedicated bass speakers design. Instead of the thumping bass I was expecting, you end up with really clear bass notes that leave the higher frequencies clear and distortion free, even when things end up getting manic in games such as Battlefield 4, which often loves to throw endless heavy thumping bass notes around the battlefield almost as much as it lags.

Having a good quality microphone can be one of the most vital components to competitive gaming, clear communication with your team can really means the difference between victory and defeat. The microphone on the Sirus certainly stands out, even in a noisy environment I found that chat proved easy enough for the headset and the 2.2 drivers do a great job of providing natural audio for when you’re listening to your team, where many headsets often drown the chat audio in thick bass, often over ruling the audio from the game, but that wasn’t the case here.

Build quality is rock solid and while the headset is mostly made from plastics, they’re all of a very high quality with no loose fittings, no squeaking panels or rattles. Overall the headset feels pretty durable and should survive a few knocks and bumps with relative ease. The only downside is that the headset is a little on the large side, so chucking it in your backpack when heading out to LAN gaming events may not be the easiest solution. I’m still happy to award the headset with our Gamers Choice Award, but had the music reproduction quality been better, the design just a little less bulky, CM Storm would have been looking at an easy Editors Choice Award.

“If you’re on the market for a dedicated gaming headset with a strong focus on providing great quality chat audio for team work, then the Sirus is certainly a strong contender for the money in your wallet. The multi format support is a welcome addition too, as it means that you shouldn’t need to invest in a second headset just to go enjoy a few games on the PlayStation 4.”


  • Rock solid build quality
  • Stylish design
  • Clear chat audio and great quality microphone
  • Braided cable
  • In-line controller
  • Power built-in USB powered amp.
  • Multi-format support
  • Distortion free, even at max volume
  • All cables included for connecting to consoles and PC


  • Music reproduction could be better
  • Bass reproduction wasn’t as heavy as I expect (although it was crystal clear)
  • Hard wired design

CM Storm Sirus-C 2.2 PC & PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

Thank you CM Storm for providing us with this sample.

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