CM Storm Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review

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Final Thoughts


The price of the CM Storm Pitch Pro is expected to be around £24.99, which is certainly reasonable given the quality of them and the features on offer. There’s no US price at the moment, nor is there any stock available at the time of writing, but you can expect them to be available very soon.


There’s nothing revolutionary on offer here, the Pitch Pro are a perfectly reasonable gaming headset at a perfectly reasonable price, which is, of course, no bad thing. Are there better performing headset out there for similar money? Certainly, but don’t come with the convenience of the Pitch Pro. The compact size of this headset is its major selling point, as when you’re done with it, you can bundle it up and put in your pocket; you can’t do that with most other gaming headsets.

The compact size is a big win, especially if you’ve got a gaming notebook, play a lot of games on a mobile device, or travel to LAN parties a lot. Having one less bulky thing to carry is always a bonus and saves room for other things in your bag that you may otherwise have to leave behind. Despite the small sound, they still offer up plenty of punch, making them great for music and gaming. I didn’t have the best of times using them for movies, but a few tweaks to the EQ soon brought them closer to my preferences and cleared up the dialogue, the same was true with in-game chat audio.

Being able to use these on my PC, with my MP3 player, smart phone, tablet and anything else with an audio jack is a big win, as it means you don’t need multiple headsets for multiple tasks. For day-to-day use, they double up as perfectly good headphones or for making hands-free calls on your phone.

Build quality is rock solid, or at least as good as it can be for such a small headset. The cable is durable, rubber-coated and tangle free. The drivers have aluminium housing and changeable ear buds, the connectors are gold-plated and there’s even a protective pouch should you want to keep them free from scratches between uses; that’s about everything you could ask for from a headset like this!


  • Punchy bass
  • Powerful sound
  • Clear microphone
  • Compatible with mobile, desktop and more
  • Compact size
  • Changeable ear-buds
  • Stylish design


  • Can be a little bass heavy for chat audio (can be fixed if you have EQ)

“If you’re in need of a powerful and feature packed headset, that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, without taking away from the functionality of a bigger headset, then the Pitch Pro is a welcome addition to your setup, especially for gamers who are on the go!”

CM Storm Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review

CM Storm Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review

Thank you Cooler Master for providing us with this sample.

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