CM Storm Ceres 500 PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 Gaming Headset Review

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cm storm ceres 500

Today we take a look at one of the most important CM Storm products in years, not only because it is the first time they’ve released a product that is for consoles, but also because it marks a big shift in the industry where all these huge peripheral companies are supporting pro gaming, eSports and LAN events, which are common stomping ground for console gamers. CM Storm have been equipping their teams with CM Storm branded hardware for years, but when it comes to console gaming, they haven’t got a thing to offer them, that is of course about to change.

The Ceres 500 is CM Storms first multi format gaming headset, giving support for Xbox, PlayStation and of course PC in one happy package. It’s almost been a year since I reviewed the PC-only Ceres 400 and I remember being impressed with their performance given that they were priced at just £40 here in the UK. If the Ceres 500 can take things to the next level from the Ceres 400 then we should be in for a great review.

Specifications are pretty decent here and large 40mm drivers should provide plenty of punch, connectivity is handled by a mixture of 3.5mm jacks/USB and there are a few extra features thrown in such as an in-line controller and removable microphone.

ceres 500 spec

The packaging looks pretty neat and tidy, with a side panel cut-out allowing for a sneaky peak at the side of the left ear cup.


The back of the box is packed with information about the ear cup padding, folding design and the multiple connection options that allow for multi-format use.


In the box I found a 3.5mm to RCA pass through cable, as well as a quick setup guide and user guide.


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5 Comments on CM Storm Ceres 500 PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 Gaming Headset Review

  • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

    While they look neat, i’m instantly skeptical on how long they will last.
    any one with a large head (like myself) will find that the style of connector they used to connect the ear cups to the headband are inherently week and will break after 6 to 12 months of use.
    I had the same issue with Speedlink Madusa’s 5:1 headset (i got the limited edition with the external amp, twice) and the Creative Soundblaster Arena’s…
    I’m now on a Razer Carcharias which use a metal slider instead and they’ve lasted 3 years now.

    • Avatar No says:

      Well then, why are you telling us this? Shut up and fuck your razers.

      • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

        whao blast from the past.
        and why the hate?
        I’m sharing my personal experience with using similar products.
        I’m not brand loyal to razer and they’re far inferior in sound quality but far superior in build quality in my opinion.

        • Avatar Ko zhi yi says:

          Razer is inferior in BOTH build and sound quality, sucker

          • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

            I would disagree from my own experience i said above.
            It’s worth saying that I’m not using the Razer headset any more though, I decided i wanted a wireless headset so i got the corsair vengeance 2100 as they seemed the best in the price bracket.

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