[Christmas Buying Guide] What Gaming Tech Will You Buy This Year?

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Christmas Buying Guide


The festive season is almost upon us and while many of us will be thankful and enjoying a tasty dinner with our families, there will also be a lot of people, your friends and your family who are eager to open their presents on Christmas morning.

I thought I would pick through some of my favourite reviews from this year and pick out three great gift ideas for each section with a gaming theme to them. Now these may not really be the “best” things I’ve reviewed, but I have looked at items that I think offer a nice mixture of budgets and great performance, not to mention things that will put a smile on someone’s face when they unwrap them.

So let’s get to it, if you have any great deals or suggestions for people please leave a comment below, I’m sure the rest of the eTeknix community will be happy to hear your ideas, as we all know how hard it can be picking gifts for people.

All prices are correct at time of writing, this is not a sponsored post and all links are to the best price from any respectable retailer that I could find.



PX4 Wireless Headset from Turtle Beach – I only tested this headset recently and haven’t stopped using it on my PlayStation 4 since, it’s not cheap at £150, but if your after the perfect gift to go with a PlayStation 3 or 4 this holiday season then there really is no better choice on the market. £145.99 from Base.com

cm storm ceres 500

Ceres 500 Multi-format PC, PlayStation & Xbox headset from CM Storm – This is one of the best value for money headset on the market today, it works on several major games consoles and PC, looks stunning and it’s super comfortable. It is also the first console ready headset that CM Storm have ever made! £49.68 from CCLOnline.com


Level 10 M PC Headset from TteSports – If style is your thing then you’ll love the mixture of high quality materials and finishes on this headset, it’s designed by both Thermaltake and BMW, giving it a truly unique and very cool look. It is also one of the best performing headsets we’ve ever tested thanks to its well balanced and powerful sound. £109.99 from Overclockers.co.uk



Alu Series Mech from Cooler Master – This is one of the best looking keyboards ever made, features mechanical keys, gorgeous backlight effects and a top panel of cast aluminium that can be removed and customised. It’s a little on the large side, but if you have the desk space for it, there really is nothing finer. £129.95 from Overclockers.co.uk

Screenshot 2013-12-07 01.33.40

Derandal from Tesoro – Named after the sword of Charlemagne’s paladin Roland this one seriously cool keyboard, packed with features and macro settings it will make a great weapon for anyone who wants the joys of mechanical switch keys and gaming prowess that will make your friend jealous. £72.72 from CCLOnline.com


Force K7 from Gigabyte – Low cost doesn’t have to mean cheap, this may not be the most feature packed keyboard on the market, but at this price you really can’t argue with the style, funky backlight and great build quality, a worth upgrade for anyone looking for a great keyboard for work and play. £31.19 from Lambda-tek.com



Kone Pure Optical from Roccat – This mouse is a little small for my liking, but it is a great choice for those who don’t have giants hands like myself, perfect for younger games and it features (literally) one of the greatest optical sensors we have ever tested, plus Roccat have some of the best software in the business, making this a divine weapon for any serious gamer. £59.81 from CCLOnline.com


Theron from TteSports – Another great mouse here and easily one of my all time favourite gaming mice, it’s not too packed with features, but what it does offer is precision gaming at an affordable price tag. £44.99 from Overclockers.co.uk


Ballista MK1 from Shogun Bros – When I first tested this mouse I expected it to be terrible, oh how wrong I was! This is the true diamond in the rough and I dare you to find a more feature packed, high performance product in this price range. £47.94 from Amazon.co.uk


aerocool 1

Dead Silence Cube Chassis from Aerocool – With the popularity of larger small form factor chassis increasing after the release of chassis like the Prodigy from BitFenix, there has been a battle for who can create the next best thing, the Dead Silence is the answer and there is simply nothing else that compares to the quality and features that Aerocool have packed into this product, effectively the greatest chassis Aerocool have ever made. £72.59 from Scan.co.uk


Cosmos SE from Cooler Master – Many will no doubt want the Cosmos II this Christmas, but if you want many of the thrills with the added benefit of a much lower price tag and a chassis that’s not as big as a house, then the SE edition it the perfect cure to those Cosmos II blues. £138.60 from Scan.co.uk


Prodigy M from BitFenix – In many ways, I don’t like the Prodigy M that much, but the fact that BitFenix have managed to cram in a larger motherboard space, room for multiple GPU’s and more cooling, all without compromising on the exterior size and design of the original Prodigy makes this one epic chassis overall, a worth upgrade for many Prodigy users. £64.99 from Overclockers.co.uk

This isn’t the last you’ll here from us before Christmas and we have many more great suggestions for you in many other different areas other than gaming peripherals and chassis. Stay tuned for more and of course if you have a few ideas of your own, feel free to post your suggestions in the comments section.

Featured image courtesy of Digital Storm.

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