Chinese Soldiers Now Equipped With Laser Guns

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The Chinese military has begun equipping its soldiers with handheld laser guns, in direct contravention of international treaties banning the use of blinding laser weapons. The PY132A laser gun, revealed during the Chinese Police Expo in December, is designed to blind enemy sensors and cameras and intended for use against enemy vehicles and drones, Popular Science reports.

In 1998, China signed a United Nations Convention that prevented the development of Certain Conventional Weapons [CCW], which included blinding laser weapons that could be used against humans. While the Chinese military claims that its PY132A laser are for use against mechanised combatants, it remains possible for the weapons to be used against humans, intentionally or not. The scattering effect of laser beams means people are at risk of being struck in the eye, risking blindness.

“China has been updating its home-made blinding laser weapons in recent years to meet the needs of different combat operations,” the official military newspaper PLA Daily reported on 9th December, via The Washington Free Beacon. “Blinding laser weapons are primarily used to blind … targets with laser[s] in [the] short distance, or interfere [with] and damage … laser and night vision equipment.”

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“The United States is committed to the CCW and expects all parties to uphold the convention and its protocols,” a State Department official warned.

The US is also worried that these weapons could make their way on to the global arms market, with Chinese weapons systems expert Rick Fisher saying, “There is a strong possibility these new dazzlers are being marketed for foreign sale.”

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6 Comments on Chinese Soldiers Now Equipped With Laser Guns

  • Avatar JonasTone says:

    I will never understand these weapon conventions. No lasers that can blind a man, but that fully automatic machine gun capable of ripping a man in to little pieces of flesh is fine. Bombs that explode above the ground with a large radius that literally cook people alive, searing their flesh from their bones, all fine, Just no lasers that can blind a man ok?

    WTF…. How about no one is allowed to have an army, any nation found to have an army is removed from all global trade for everything, no armies, no guns or bombs, just talking through our difference to meet a goal that is best for everyone. Of course this is fantasy, but wouldn’t the world be a better place if this were the case?

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    I am pretty sure that the weapons manufacturers in other countries develop weapons based on world treaties. I am also sure that these Chinese laser guns are much worst compared to the depleted uranium shells used from the Americans against Serbia 20 years ago. Right?

    And I think it is eteknix where I was reading in the past articles about US military creating laser guns to be mounted on ships, airplanes and vehicles, but I don’t really remember in those articles the word “treaties”.

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