Chillblast Fusion Master Skylake Gaming PC Review

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Gaming Performance

Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto V is a visual masterpiece and requires a top-end GPU at QHD resolutions despite its fairly good level of optimization. The Fusion Master Skylake attained above 60fps at 1440p and almost reached 110fps with a 1920×1080 panel. This makes the game fluid, and a complete joy to play.

GTA V chillblast fusion skylake

Metro Last Light


Metro Last Light is a benchmarkers dream and unbelievably demanding even at lower resolutions. Subsequently, it’s a good indication of raw graphical performance and provides a worst-case scenario. The Fusion Master Skylake once again surpassed 60fps at 1440p and was just shy of 100fps on the mainstream 1920×1080 resolution. Intriguingly, it’s not too far off the 980Ti or Titan X throughout our extensive tasting period. This means, the system reaches an excellent power to performance ratio in some of the most demanding titles out there.

chillblast metro fusion skylake

Tomb Raider


While Tomb Raider is aging slightly, the PC version can only be described as breathtaking. With all the settings turned up to maximum barring TressFX, the Fusion Master Skylake never dropped under 60fps and provided enough power to please even the most demanding of users. Although, there does seem to be a huge gap between the GTX 980 and higher-end cards in this particular game. Despite this, it’s difficult to complain when reaching over 70fps at 2560×1440.

chillblast metro fusion tr

Bioshock Infinite


The results in Bioshock Infinite are somewhat bizarre as the Fusion Master Skylake reaches the top spot during 1440p testing. In reality, I would look at the 1920×1080 figures instead which appear to be a more accurate reflection of expected performance. Perhaps, Bioshock Infinite received a performance patch, or it’s not really utilizing the 980Ti and Titan X’s extra power at 2560×1440. Whatever the case, the Fusion Master Skylake encounters zero problems running the game on the Ultra DOF preset.

chillblast mf skylake bioshock

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