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This New Prototype Allows You to Feel in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is usually associated with seeing and hearing, and apart from the slight rumble of the gamepad while you shoot or get hit, a VR experience doesn’t offer a lot of actual physical feedback. However,…


Oculus Founder Thinks Cables Are a Major Obstacle for VR on PC

It looks like virtual reality might not become as popular on the PC as we have initially anticipated, at least according to Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey. Palmer had a few interesting things to say about the…


Valve’s New VR Demo Looks Incredibly Real

Valve’s plans for virtual reality are starting to look very promising, as the company has just released a very impressive YouTube video that highlights a pair of new VR demos. When the video starts off, you might be…


New Gaming Center Allows Australians to Experience Virtual Reality

Experiencing shooters using virtual reality is amazing, but it is mostly limited by the use of omnidirectional treadmills right now, which are quite expensive and hard to obtain. Fortunately, those who are willing to take a…