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UltraHaptics Bring Minority Report Style Screens A Step Closer

Creating huge displays isn’t out of our technological reach, controlling them with a wave of our hands is also possible, it is even possible to get quite a lot of interaction with these display, project them…


Disney Research Brings 3D Touch To Mobile Devices

Disney have been working away in their lab to find a way of bringing tactile feedback to mobile devices. A new paper released from Disney Research shows that friction can be used to create an artificial…


Acer Rolls Out the Aspire ZC-605 Windows 8 All-in-One PC

Acer announced a new addition to its PC offers, the Aspire ZC-605 Windows 8 All-in-One PC. This 19.5″ display PC is available from Tuesday, 1st of October, and ” is an excellent choice for those wanting to…


Leap Motion-enabled technology unveiled in upcoming HP laptops

  HP announced their next line of laptops and are trying to innovate through implementing Leap Motion technology, allowing users to control applications with the use of hand gestures. Leap Motion has been thought of as…


Ultra Sensitive Touch Sensor Can Operate Through Steel Or Glass

A new technology is in the works, the QTC Ultra Sensor and it could revolutionise touch control surfaces and input for years to come. The UK company Paratech has created an ultra sensitive touch sensor, which…