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New Jersey Could See Texting While Walking Made Illegal

We’ve all done it before. We want to get somewhere and suddenly our phone buzzes in our pocket, not wanting to seem rude we start texting back while walking along. This is done by hundreds, if…


“Text Walking Lanes” Introduced in Antwerp

Are you fed up of being stuck behind slow walking people who are more interested in staring at their phone that looking where they are going? Or perhaps you’re more interested in starting at your phone…


Real Life Emoji’s Are Just Plain Scary

Non-profit group Innocence en Danger has created a campaign to highlight the dangers of children talking to strangers online by creating emoji’s using real human faces. The emjoi has long been used as a series of…


Texting Zones Coming To New York State, Giving You Somewhere To Stop Use Your Phone

Using your phone while driving is illegal in many parts of the world, yet texting or Facebooking (is that even a word now?) on your phone while driving is proving to be a bigger issue than…