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Tesla Model S Owner in Singapore Receives a Fine for Emissions

The first time I heard about this news I said to myself: Wait, what? How is it possible for the owner of an electric vehicle to receive a fine for excessive emissions? Well, it would appear…


Tesla Model S to Feature in New All-Electric Racing Series

This week, Electric GT Holdings has announced the Electric GT World Series will be starting in 2017, with the company hoping to have 10 teams on the grid for its first season. Each team will be fielding…


Tesla’s Summon Feature is Being Revised for Extra Safety

Tesla has been hard at work perfecting the Model S, and one of the newest and most impressive additions allows drivers to park and retrieve their vehicles without actually sitting behind the wheel. Dubbed Summon, the…


The Tesla Model S Receives a New Summon Feature

Since Tesla cars rely heavily on complex software, the company’s engineers are constantly working on software updates that are meant to improve the car’s features or add completely new ones. Those of you who are fortunate enough…


Tesla Calls Back 90,000 Model S Cars for a Quick Safety Check

Tesla is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturers right now, as its vehicles aim to change the way we view personal transportation in the near future. The company’s Model S car is definitely one…


Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Gets Awesome New Features

Tesla first introduced an optional “autopilot” mode for its Model S vehicle last fall, and it looks like the system is now getting a few improvements, namely two new features that have the potential to enhance…