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Valve Games Account for More Than 50% of Playtime on Steam

Steam Spy provides a fantastic insight into the gaming habits and purchasing trends on the Steam store. It allows you to track concurrent players, observe the median playtime and see how many people own a particular game.…


Valve Releases 15-Minute Team Fortress 2 ‘Expiration Date’ Video

In honor of the Team Fortress 2 “Love and War Update,” game studio Valve has released the 15-minute “Expiration Date” short film for gamers. The game studio has released a handful of TF2 animated shorts, but…


Surgeon Simulator 2013 Will Now Feature Team Fortress 2 Characters Heavy & Medic

Bossa Studios announced today that an update for Surgeon Simulator 2013 will bring much loved TF2 characters into the operating theatre for more darkly-humorous surgery mayhem. This is a a very rare agreement with Valve, the…