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Mirror's Edge


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst System Requirements Revealed

Mirror’s Edge is one of the most inventive games in recent memory due to the enthralling first person perspective and intense parkour mechanics. Furthermore, you feel a sense of being vulnerable and have to rely on…

Everybodys Gone to The Rapture


Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture PC Requirements Released

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is an enthralling adventure game set in the idyllic Shropshire countryside. Developed by The Chinese Room, the game was well received and praised for its gorgeous visual design. Furthermore, the accompanying…


Doom Beta System Requirements Revealed

Are you looking forward to playing the new Doom? I know I am! The game has been a long time coming and with the idea of revisiting the iconic series again, I can’t help but get…


Gears of War Ultimate Edition PC System Requirements Revealed

Gears of War is one of Epic Games’ largest franchises, getting players to fight in a world with anything from a revolver or chainsaw to a satellite laser (yes, we liked that one too). After the…

Loeb Rally


Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo System Requirements Revealed

The PC platform has always been home to a wealth of exhilarating rallying games including Richard Burns Rally, the original DIRT and WRC. Furthermore, Codemasters recently returned to their traditional roots and created DIRT Rally, a…



XCOM 2 System Requirements Revealed

XCOM: Enemy Unknown revisited the classic XCOM formula while adding a modern twist. This resulted in an incredibly challenging turn-based tactics game which managed to cater to passionate XCOM aficionados. On launch, there were some pretty…


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC Screenshots Released

Dragon’s Dogma, the best RPG of a generation that you’ve likely never played! Of course, if you’re fortunate to have known about or  played the PlayStation 3 original, you’re certainly a very lucky gamer. The game…


Mad Max System Requirements Revealed

Warner Bros. really did a number with its recent titles. Mortal Kombat was a disaster due to its console porting to PC and let’s not get started on Batman: Arkham Knight. I mean, when you are…


Batman: Arkham Knight System Requirements Revealed

The latest Batman title is almost here! To celebrate the impending release of this gaming juggernaut, Nvidia has just revealed the games specifications and they’re a little more demanding than most other games that launch these…


Far Cry 4 System Requirements Revealed – Have You Got a GTX 680?

Far Cry 4 is almost here and while we await the games final release date, there is just enough time to make sure your gaming rig is capable of running it, as the game’s specifications have…


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Minimum System Requirements Revealed

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is almost here and with the game hitting PC on the 4th of November (or the 3rd if you pre-order), many people are eager to find out if their PC can…


Ryse: Son of Rome Gets Official PC System Requirements

Crytek are still working hard on porting Ryse: Son of Rome to PC. The game is currently available on Xbox One and while poor sales of the game haven’t done the company any favours, the game…


Slightly Mad Studios Reveal Project C.A.R.S. PC System Requirements

Project CARS is already shaping up to be one of the greatest racing titles of a generation. It’s been created with the help of a large community of developers who have pushed the limits of the…


Warface Title Launched Amids Crytek Financial ‘Crysis’

Though Crytek is facing financial problems in the UK headquarters, having paid employees only £700 last month and staff leaving due to this, the company was able to at least release its long-awaited free-to-play title, Warface,…


Official System Requirements For Thief Released

Thief is already one of the most anticipated titles of 2014, given that the games earlier incarnations helped push the world of gaming to new heights, the likes of which inspired generations of games such as…


Official Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements Revealed, Can You Run It?

Battlefield 4 is on the horizon, it’s so close now I can almost taste it! Now EA are teasing us even further by publishing the official game requirements, so now is the perfect time to make…