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Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and JJ Abrams Support $50 Movie Rental Service

Following the unveiling of Screening Room, a $50 home movie rental service developed by Napster founder Sean Parker, three major film directors have spoken out in support of the idea. Peter Jackson (The Lord of the…


Kodak Relaunches the Super 8 Camera

Kodak has delighted film lovers by announcing the relaunch of the fabled Super 8 film camera. Super 8, named for its 8mm single perforation film stock, was the entry-level format that inspired generations of film directors, ranging…


RED Shows Off New 8K Camera

RED, the American manufacturer of high-end, professional HD cameras, favoured by such lauded directors as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, loves pushing its equipment into higher resolutions. The company, which released its first 4K camera, the…


Gremlins Reboot Adds Disturbia and Goosebumps Scribe

10 The writer of upcoming the meta comedy horror Goosebumps movie has been hired by Warner Bros as writer of the in-production Gremlins reboot. Carl Ellsworth, whose credits also include Disturbia and the remake of Last…


Halo 5: Guardians Live-Action Trailers Reveal Release Date

http://youtu.be/tHQiYPiNVEE A pair of new live-action trailers for 343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians has revealed the game’s Xbox One release date; 27th October. The trailers, which show Master Chief show-down against new character Spartan Locke, present two…


Real-life Minority Report: German Police Trial Software to Predict Crime Before it Happens

  Steven Spielberg’s 2002 science fiction film Minority Report painted a future in which crimes can be predicted, and thus prevented, before they occur. The Pre-Crime police division used psychics called Precogs to name future criminals.…