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Star Citizen Game Is PC Exclusive Because Consoles Can’t Handle It

The crowd-funded video game Star Citizen is going to be one of the biggest game titles of 2015. The exciting new title is being developed as a PC exclusive game but its creators have said that they could…


Star Citizen Crowd Funding Reaches $48 Million!

It has been two years since the Star Citizen crowd funding campaign was started, a lot of doubters said that the game wouldn’t get anywhere near its five million dollar target, but the nay sayers can…


Thief Mantle API Support Delayed Until First Patch In March, Brings TrueAudio as Well

There have been rumors about Thief getting Mantle support, and it appears that Edios Montreal has finally made it official. However, players are not to expect AMD’s Mantle API at launch. Edios Montreal has confirmed that…