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Sony Press Event First Impressions – PS4 ANNOUNCED!

So it has begun and Sony are off to a great start with their event. With a stunning light show and a superb montage of some of the PlayStation brands greatest gaming moments, featuring the top…


Watch Sony PlayStation Meeting 2013 Live Stream

The live stream is about to begin and Sony are about to make what could be the either the biggest moment in modern gaming history or the biggest PR disaster in decades, I am of course…


PlayStation 4 – What can we expect from today’s announcement?

The Sony event is just hours away where Sony will be streaming live from New York to millions of eager viewers as well as the 1200+ media and investors that will be attending the exclusive event.…


Evolution of PlayStation, Sony Builds Up Hype For Next-Gen

Sony have been running a juggernaut of a hype train this last two weeks and the internet is now at fever pitch as anticipation builds for the “the next big thing” presentation that will take place…


Sony gearing up for a major announcement on Feb 20th, maybe about PlayStation 4?

Sony sent invitations to several media houses on Thursday and one does suspect that this could be for an announcement that would me made on February 20th, most likely for the unveiling of the next Generation PlayStation 4. Although…