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Sega: Spectrum, A New World Of Entertainment

  Admit it, when you see the single word SEGA you can’t help but chime in with their sing-song of the name. Okay, you might be able to, but when I see it, I NEED TO…


Company Of Heroes 2 Official Campaign Trailer Released

Company of Heroes 2 should be one of the most exciting RTS releases of 2013 for the PC Gamer.  Developers Relic and Publisher SEGA have now delivered the official cinematic campaign trailer for the upcoming title…


Sega get serious in PC Gaming business, acquires game developer “Relic”

Sega recently spent US $26.6 Million to buy THQ’s Canadian based game development firm Relic Entertainment Studio during the bankruptcy auction, therefore acquiring titles such as “Company of Heroes” and “Warhammer 40K”. Warhammer 40 Dawn of…