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Thecus Adds System Failover Feature in Firmware Update For ThecusOS 5.0

Network attached storage is great and with plenty of bays and drive arrays you can build yourself a system with great redundancy, but that is little good if the power or network connection goes out on…


Apple to Lay off Beats Employees after Recent Acquisition

Well it looks like Apple are going to be laying off staff at Beats as soon as the deal goes through. Apple recently purchased Beats for $3 billion, which is Apples biggest ever purchase. The company…


Thecus Show NAS and Backup Solutions At CeBIT 2013

We catch up with Mike at Thecus as he shows us some of the systems they have on display at CeBIT 2013. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0ZBgGlnVZk[/youtube]