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Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Postponed

Rainbow Six is a long series containing both books and games. Rainbow Six is a fantasy group formed from numerous armed forces and groups from around the world all with the intention of forming a united…


Facebook Rainbow Flag May Have Been Another Big Experiment

It seems that once again, Facebook has made us the focus of another ultra-large-scale social media experience, although technically, that’s pretty much all Facebook is anyway. You’ve no doubt seen the wash of colours on your…


Add a Rainbow To Your Facebook Picture

The Internet responds in a myriad of ways to current events, from reactions to England winning the world cup for the second, sorry, could not press enter without laughing, to topical memes which serve up a…


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Alpha Specifications

So the newest in the line up of the Rainbow Six series has just launched for closed Alpha. Check out the press release below; “TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX SIEGE IS THE UPCOMING INSTALLMENT OF THE ACCLAIMED…


Kickstarter Campaign ‘Reading Rainbow’ Most Successful Campaign To Date

Back in the 80’s, Reading Rainbow was one of the best known educational programs going, teaching kids of all ages how to read and when it came off air in 2006, many thought this would be…