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Ride Into Battle With The NERF Battle Racer!

So every time we report on Nerf and their creations, the grown up in my says “who would want that?” while the child is already reaching for my money. Seems like toy manufacturer Hauck and Stroller…

Need For Speed


Need For Speed System Requirements Revealed

The Need For Speed franchise has really struggled to find its identity in recent years and released extremely similar experiences with just a few minor tweaks. This is a crying shame because the older games are…


Podracing Mod for Halo 5 Isn’t Perfect but a Lot of Fun

Star Wars is an awesome book and movie series and one of the things that a lot of people would love to experience from the series besides the light sabers are the pod racers. I’m also…


New Quantum Rush Video Shows Off Racer Visual Customisation Options

Today, the GameArt Studio team has released a new video for the fans and beta testers of the online future racer that is currently in closed beta. The team’s lead developer explains what options players will…