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NASA Funds Microbes That Could Break down Metal

Humanity is going to travel far into space sooner or later, and while we’re still trying to figure out exactly how far we can go and when we’re going to start the journey, making sure that…


This New NASA Telescope is so Much Better Than Hubble

Since it was launched in low Earth orbit in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has been proving us with crucial information about space and time, and it even helped determine the rate of expansion of the universe.…


NASA Offers 1,200 Patents to Startup Companies for Free

In an effort to support high-tech entrepreneurs, NASA is now offering no less than 1,200 patents to startups without any upfront licensing costs. The patents in question are divided among 15 separate categories, which include environment, manufacturing,…


NASA Reveals Ambitious Three-Phase Plan to Send Humans to Mars

After the incredible discovery of water on Mars, scientists are obviously talking about sending actual humans to the surface of the planet. Due to a number of factors, sending astronauts to Mars is no easy task, but…


NASA Tests the Engine That Will Propel the SLS to Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been using its RS-25 engine for quite a while now, but as its Space Launch System is getting bigger and heavier, this incredible engine is going through a few changes…


You Can Explore Mars Yourself Using NASA’s Curiosity Simulator

Ever since NASA managed to successfully land the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars, everyone’s been paying close attention to its progress, and I have to admit that the little robot did a very good…