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EA Teases New PC and Console Need For Speed Title

First teased yesterday, EA has officially confirmed a new entry for the Need For Speed franchise. The announcement came as a new teaser trailer for the yet unnamed title set to reboot the series. Based off…


Farming Simulator 15 Trailer Released

Best flock to the shop as soon as possible, farming Simulator 15 for consoles is on its way. The launch is on the 19th of may for the PS4, X-box One,PS3 and the X-Box 360. The…


Temporary $50 Price Cut on the Xbox One Ends on January 3, 2015

Microsoft has been enjoying a great spike in sales of the Xbox One over the holidays, which is mostly associated with the temporary $50 price cut for the 2014 holiday season. This price cut ends on…


Microsoft Has Now Sold Over 10 Million Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft has hit the Xbox One jackpot, with the Redmond-based software giant selling over 10 million Xbox One consoles since it launched late last year. The holiday season has treated Microsoft and the Xbox One quite…


The Xbox One Celebrates Its First Birthday, Microsoft Gives Out Free Games, Movies

It’s hard to believe that the Xbox One has been here for an entire year so far, but here we are. Microsoft is celebrating the first birthday of its now current generation console by providing early…


Microsoft Ready to Throw Down in Japan With Xbox One, 29 Game Titles at Launch

Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox One game console in Japan on September 9, and gamers will be able to pick from 29 different game titles. The Day One Xbox One and Kinect bundle will include…