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Google Chrome Turns 8-Bit, Lets You Play, Post and Share With Lego Blocks

Back in mid 2012, Google has revealed one of their projects dubbed ‘Build’,a virtual Lego tool that lets you play with plastic bricks in your browser. And fast-forwarding to the present, Google also releases the project…


Apple Engineer Builds Lego Drawing Machine

A true Lego enthusiast like Apple software engineer Andrew Carol can build wonders it seems. After watching Martin Scorsese’s Hugo movie, he started building a mysterious automaton machine as he saw in the movie out of…


Full-Size Car Made From Lego Can Reach 20MPH

Lego is easily the most popular choice of toy in my house, the kids can’t get enough of the stuff and rightly so, it’s one of the most creative and versatile, timeless toys ever created, but…


Lego Build 1:1 Scale X-Wing Fighter From Star Wars

It doesn’t matter how old I get (I’m 28 in case you’re wondering), but I am still always fascinated by LEGO, it really is one of those timeless inventions that you’re never too old for and…