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AMD Zen Rumoured to Have Passed Testing With Flying Colours

AMD’s next-gen x86 CPU core architecture, codenamed Zen, has, according to rumour, been fully tested and has “met all expectation [sic]” with no “significant bottlenecks”. A source told WCCFTech that AMD and its partners are “very…


AMD Zen and K12 Finalized and Taped Out

Despite pretty dismal Q3 2015 results, AMD looks set for a good late 2016 and 2017. AMD has reportedly completed their next generation Zen and K12 designs and have taped them out. This comes after AMD reported that…


CPU Wizard Jim Keller Leaves AMD

One of the most renowned members of AMD, Jim Keller is leaving the firm once again. The former Chief Architect of Microprocessor Cores is leaving today to pursue other opportunities. Jim Keller was instrumental in designing…


AMD’s Official Roadmaps Reveals the Company’s Plans for the next 5 Years

AMD has revealed what the company plans to do with its GPUs and CPUs in the next 5 years at the PC Cluster Consortium event in Osaka Japan, where AMD’s Junji Hayashi revealed the company’s roadmap.…


AMD CEO Claims “We do not Live in the Shadow of Intel”

The battle will be raging until the end of time, Intel vs AMD, who’s better? Who’s faster? Who’s more affordable? Recently, AMD CEO Rory Read announced that his chief operating officer, Lisa Su, would become the…