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Evidence reveals that AMD working on Real GPU Dynamic Overclocking Technology

According to an API documentation in AMD’s Display Library, it’s found that AMD seems to be working on real GPU dynamic overclocking technology. This could adjust the GPU and maybe even memory clock speed, voltages depending…


Nvidia rumoured to ship GeForce Titan media samples, comes with 6GB memory and 235W TDP

According to the new reports about Nvidia GeForce “Titan” GK110 is said to be shipped to review sites such as PC Perspective and TechReport, as per what Rage3D’s news editor “Cavemen-Jim” revealed. The card is set to…


AMD and Nvidia reportedly delayed the launch of their next generation graphic cards

Are you waiting for the next generation of graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD Radeon and/or thinking of making a clean upgrade maybe with one of the upcoming Haswell processors? Well as it stands, you…