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Nintendo Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Pokémon

Most people will remember the little pocket monsters (more commonly known as Pokémon). From the cute little Pikachu to the unstoppable power of Mewtwo, the classics of which many grew up either as parents or children.…


Nintendo No Longer Bringing Back SNES Games to New Consoles?

One of the greatest features of the newer Nintendo consoles of the last couple of generations, has been their efforts to bring classic games from consoles such as the SNES and the Game Boy to their…


In Profit and Mobile Gaming, Could Nintendo Be Back?

Nintendo recently announced their first year in profit in four years, celebrating the continued success of the Wii U and the 3DS. But does the future look as bright as the present for Nintendo? Launched alongside…


Hyperkin Concept Turns Your Smartphone into a Gameboy

A Reddit user has shared some concept art of one of the projects he’s working on for Hyperkin, and we like what we see. The idea, turn your smartphone into a nostalgic looking Gameboy. But it…