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Pebble Smartwatches Available On The Amazon Store

Pebble smartwatches started shipping for $150, or even less, since Pebble is offering a $20 discount on its website, a sale that it decided to extend beyond Black Friday. Pebble is also available on Amazon, both…


Qualcomm Has Opened Pre-Orders For Their Toq Smartwatch

It appears that Qualcomm has opened preorders for their Toq smartwatch. It comes in a black model for $350 and is estimated to start in 1 to 3 weeks. The Toq Smartwatch has first been revealed…


Google Glass Hackathon Hosted For Glassware Development Kit

It appears that Google is currently enlisting developers to show off their knowledge on the new Glassware Development Kit. Google sent out invitations to developers for this event that will take place in San Francisco on…


Nokia Guru To Be An iPod Shuffle Competitor

Nokia is known for cool accessories, and the new batch of phones and tablets about to be unveiled soon from the Finns is likely to be no exception. A new gadget called Nokia Guru has appeared,…


All Babies Need Their Independence Try The Crib Dribbler

If you have a baby, then you likely know what it is like to deal with those 1 A.M. feedings, the 3 A.M. feedings, and the 5 A.M. feedings. The Crib Dribbler gives us the ability…