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Pioneer Announces Portable Music Player For Audiophiles

The smart phone revolution has integrated a number of dedicated devices from cameras to audio players into one portable solution. However, a large quantity of smartphones suffer from poor audio reproduction and lackluster battery life. As…


Jay-Z Buys Spotify Competitor Aspiro for $56 Million

It seems will.i.am isn’t the only musician buying up tech businesses, Jay-Z has now purchased a Spotify competitor, namely Aspiro for $56 Million. Aspiro is a Scandinavian company, much like Spotify, but instead it offers more services more…


Windows 10 Will Have Native .FLAC and .MKV Support

Lovers of lossless audio and HD video rejoice: Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will feature native .FLAC and .MKV functionality, meaning no more reliance on plug-ins, codecs, or VLC Player. A tweet from director of…


Tidal Offering Audiophile Quality Music Streaming for $20 a Month

There is a big community out there that really care about their audio performance; I am one of those people. On my desktop I have a dedicated headphone AMP a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and a whole…


Vega Secret Up With Superb Sound Quality Announced By Pantech

Pantech has announced their high-end smartphone so far named the Vega Secret Up. The focus of this phone is on sound quality, a feature that most manufacturers ignore. Pantech is not a well-known company in terms…


Android Based Sony Walkman ZX1 & F880 Detailed

Sony announces two more additions to the touch-enabled Walkman series after the Sony Walkman F886, announced at IFA 2013, Walkman ZX1 and the value oriented Walkman F880. The former comes with an 128 GB in-built flash…