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Daimler Chief Thinks EVs Will Beat Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Electric vehicles are definitely gaining some traction (pun intended), all thanks to the efforts of automakers such as Tesla, BMW and Daimler. Speaking of Daimler, chief Dieter Zetsche has recently stated in an interview that EVs are…


100% Electric Big Rig Hits German Roads

This week, Europe’s first 100% electric tractor-trailer truck took to the roads in Germany, courtesy of car giant BMW. The 40-ton lorry can travel up to 62 miles per charge in an average of three or…


StoreDot’s Latest En-devour Could Super Charge Your EV

StoreDot’s at it again, remember that company, whose tech could charge your smartphone in a minute, their latest en-devour could charge an electric vehicle in just 5. At Microsoft’s ThinkNext conference, the Israeli startup announced that…


Cost of Electric Vehicles in UK Rising, Due to Subsidies Ending

The end of UK government subsidies will likely make it more expensive to drive an electric car than driving a traditional petrol-powered vehicle. The installation and maintenance of electric chargers, which was overseen by the Department…


Harley-Davidson Unveils the Company’s First Electric Motorcycle

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson unveiled the Project LiveWire electric motorcycle, showing the famed brand wants to diversify its motorcycle offerings. Unfortunately, similar to other first-generation electric vehicles, the project motorcycle has a relatively short battery range.  A…