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Egypt Blocks Facebook’s Internet Service After Being Denied The Ability To Spy On Users

Facebook have been keen on allowing countries access to Free Basics, their low-cost internet system designed at giving people the ability to create a Facebook account and access a limited number of sites at no cost.…


Assassin’s Creed Franchise Taking a Breather

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has seen its share of bad publicity with the last couple of games released. Assassin’s Creed Unity was a fiasco of magnitudes and while Syndicate did better, it failed to reach the same…


Egyptian Government Websites Being Defaced By Pro-Morsi Hackers

There was much jubilation and celebration on the streets of Cairo as Egypt’s military overthrew President Mohamed Morsi in what has been described as a military coup. Since then the military has been killing Pro-Morsi protesters/rebels…


3 Scuba Divers Arrested For Cutting The Underwater Internet Cables In Alexandria, Egypt

Recently 3 scuba divers who were found trying to disconnect the SEA-ME-WE- 4 set of underwater internet cable that belongs to a telecom service provider in Egypt that feeds the connection to the region, were arrested…