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ASRock’s New G10 Gaming Router Is Now Available

ASRock showcased their G10 gaming router back at Computex and we have been wondering since then when it finally would become available. That time has arrived now as ASRock announced the availability of this impressive and…


ASRock Showcase G10 Gaming Router @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015 – During a VIP press conference with ASRock, we were given a glimpse of the brand new ASRock G10 Gaming Router. This stylish verticle router carries the new ASRock Gaming branding and will fit into…


Intel Compute Stick Expected in Europe This April

Intel’s impressive dongle PC, the Compute Stick, is coming to Europe this April, according to Fudzilla. The Compute Stick, first unveiled by Intel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 back in January, is an HDMI…


Intel’s Dongle PC with Windows 8.1 Will Cost $149

Want a PC as small as a Raspberry Pi with the plug-and-playability of a Google Chromecast? You’ll find it, and more, in Intel’s new Compute Stick. The Compute stick is powered by a quad-core Atom CPU…


Playmute, the Dongle that Bypasses TV Commercials

Commercials and adverts help fund content creation. It’s a practical business model, one that has endured since the advent of television – unless your name is the BBC – with the traditional, ever-present ad breaks. But…


Windows Capable Intel Bay Trail HDMI TV Stick Coming Soon

TV sticks that convert any TV into an Android powered Smart TV are no strange thing these days. We’ve got everything from Chromecast technology to whole android games consoles that run from a single HDMI socket;…