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Rumour: DirectX 12 Will Launch With Windows 9

Microsoft has been known to reserve new versions of DirectX for new operating systems in a bid to keep pushing its customers along its ideal upgrade path. Windows XP was capped at DX9, Windows Vista at…



Testing AMD’s Mantle: Battlefield 4, Thief and PvZ Garden Warfare

Introduction “Mantle is Game Changing” is AMD’s tagline for their newest low-overhead API. Mantle has been in the news constantly since AMD publicly released the concept on September 26th last year in their public live stream.…


Intel Approached AMD About Access To Mantle

According to an AMD executive, Richard Huddy, Intel has approached the company about getting access to AMD’s Mantle technology. Intel has confirmed that it made such a request but did so for “experimental” purposes. Intel claims…


AMD Demonstrates Mantle Can Be Easily Ported To DirectX 12

This may not be news in the traditional sense of the term, but I know this will be news to a lot of people. The guys over at WCCFTech have been doing a bit of digging around…


Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 DirectX 12 Graphics Card Detailed

The graphics card war is more exciting than ever before this last few months and with AMD currently sitting pretty with their 295×2 graphics card, Nvidia are no doubt keen to show their new graphics card…


Huge Nvidia Driver Update Launching Tomorrow

Driver update? Yawn! Or at least that would normally be the case, as most updates typically follow the release of a new game or GPU, but not this time, this is a huge performance overhaul that…


DirectX 12 TO Be Unveiled At GDC 2014

Rumours have been floating around that Microsoft will be taking a shot at knocking AMD down a few pegs after the release of their Mantle API, and it looks like that was indeed true as it…