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Will DirectX 12 and Cloud Gaming Be Possible for VR Games?

There have undoubtedly been a lot of attempts in introducing Cloud Gaming in the past. The concept is great and it will really help reduce a lot of computing power on a user’s machine, but failed…


SevenRE’s Kickstarter Streams Games Across All Your Devices.

Ever wished you could take your rig to work, vacation, lectures, the store, now you can. SWYO “Stream What You Own”, SevenRE’s latest kick-starter lets you stream games, music and other forms of multimedia from your…


Crytek Explains How Xbox One Can Benefit From Cloud Computing

The value of cloud computing for video games is an interesting thing. Given the latency of sending and receiving tasks to a cloud server it cannot be used for time sensitive tasks, especially given the varying…


Microsoft Will Not Support Cloud-based Streaming For Xbox Games

Microsoft was apparently fiddling with ways and know-hows to deliver cloud-based games across multiple devices. The attempt went so far as demoing Halo 4 being streamed on PC and Windows Phone. However, it appears the company…


Xbox One Cloud Can Power Gaikai-Like Experience

Speaking with Gamespot Microsoft’s Alberto Penello, lead planner for the Xbox One launch, stated that he believes the Xbox One can offer a cloud experience on the same level as Gaikai. Gaikai was the cloud game-streaming…


AMD Releases Radeon Sky Series of GPUs for Cloud Gaming Systems

Cloud gaming is a trend that has been quite slow to take-off as it has been fraught with technical difficulties, a lack of affordability and a huge dependence on the advancement of network infrastructure due to…