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Tesla Open First UK Showroom

The Westfield shopping center in London already attracts a big crowd, but now it looks set to gain even more attention as Tesla open their first UK showroom at Westfields. As I’m sure many of you…


Ford Develop Car That Can Take Over The Steering To Avoid An Accident

Step aside Google Car, Ford is stepping in. According to BBC, Ford is working on its own research for a “Smart Car”. Though it doesn’t appear to drive a vehicle all by its self, it seems that…


Researchers Show Possibility For “Car Hacking”

With our lives becoming increasingly connected by electronic technology it is only matter of time before everything becomes “hackable”. At the DEF CON 21 security convention experts revealed just how easy it is to hack cars…


Forget Car Jacking, Car Hacking Could Be The New Problem

Hacking, really it isn’t all that difficult if you have a little bit of knowledge about computer systems, and perhaps know some code. For years there have been simple non-harmful hacks, from telephone hacks with Blue…


Electric Supercar Sets 7 Minute 56.234 Second Time On The Nürburgring

Mercedes-AMG has set a new world record for electric cars by blasting their way around the legendary circuit in under eight minutes, making their new electric car the new leader for electrically powered production cars. The…


Google Smart Car, The Future Is Almost Here

Google Self-Driving vehicles, will it be the future of driving? It is to soon to tell, and Google has not given us a timeline as of yet. They have said that they are not interested in…