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Twitter’s Video Platform More YouTube Than Vine

Details have emerged regarding Twitter’s forthcoming video function. According to a Twitter Video FAQ found by Daniel Raffel , it will support .mp4 and .mov formats, with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and videos can be up…


Watch Makers Hitting Back at ‘Pirated’ Faces for Smartwatches

Watch makers including Omega, Fossil, Armani, Michael Kors, Tissot and Panerai are pursuing people online who have been producing ‘pirated’ versions of their watch faces for smart watches. Ever since the release of Android Wear, a number…


Bye Bye Plasma TV Technology

In 2005, Sony and Toshiba announced their departure from the plasma business, followed by Hitachi and Pioneer in 2008. Now South Korean companies Samsung and LG Electronics have announced their abandonment of the once-popular panel option.…