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ASRock “A-Style” Motherboards Get 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0

We have heard a lot about upcoming ASRock motherboards, more so than any other motherboard vendor. We have seen their entire Haswell motherboard line up, we have heard that select ASRock Haswell motherboards will be water…


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Gets Bluetooth Certification, Launch Imminent

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, comes the demand for a smaller and more affordable model, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also provides a reasonable alternative to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4,…



Hercules Wireless Audio Experience W.A.E. Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

I’ve had something a little different to play around with this week and as much as I love sitting indoors and playing with new gadgets, it’s always great when you get something that allow your to…