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Google Could Be Working on a Rival for the Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo is certainly a useful little gadget, as it is capable of voice interaction and is able to create to-do lists, playback your favorite music and provide useful information regarding traffic and weather. However, rumours…


Amazon Wants to Bring Virtual Reality to Your Living Room

When we think about augmented reality, most of us envision products such as Microsoft’s HoloLens or the Google Glass. However, thanks to Amazon, we might soon be able to enjoy the wonders of augmented reality without…


New Amazon Fire TV Specifications Leaked

Are you excited about Amazon’s next generation Fire TV Stick? Well, you have plenty of reasons to be, as a recent leak indicated that Amazon’s new device is going to be considerably more impressive than its…


How Would You Like to Make Games for Amazon?

American electronics commerce company Amazon is widely recognized as the largest internet-based retailer in the United States. However, it looks like the company is looking to branch out from selling DVDs, gadgets, furnishings, toys and jewellery…