Candy Crush Voted UK’s Favourite Video Game

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YouGov conducted a poll to find out the UK’s favourite video game of all time. The top spot was taken by Candy Crush with 11.3% of vote while the Grand Theft Auto series attained 10.6% in second place. Interestingly, Candy Crush’s popularity varies dramatically between genders and its success relies on a 24.3% female player base. In contrast, males only attributed to 3.4% of the vote. Other notable mentions include Mario Kart, Tetris, Tomb Raider, The Sims and Call of Duty. Although, I am surprised to see Civilization rated so highly and above a number of iconic Nintendo franchises.

UK Video Games

The survey initially asked a sample size of more than 3300 people and a shortlist of 16 was created. From this data, each person was allowed to select their favourite from the 16 choices on offer. While 3300 is a good number, it’s still fairly small size and might explain some of the surprising results. Additionally, women only accounted for 41% of the gamers surveyed. This contravenes with recent evidence which suggests 52% of gamers in the UK are actually women.

YouGov also investigated the nation’s favourite retro gaming consoles and pitted Mario against Sonic in a battle to find out the UK’s favourite character.

UK Console Wars

This chart illustrates the PlayStation’s dominance and how closely matched the Megadrive and SNES are. These results are mostly in-tune with what I expected, but I thought the SNES would have been within 1-2% of the Megadrive.

What is your favourite video game of all-time, and do you feel these results are an accurate representation of the modern games industry?

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