Bye Bye Plasma TV Technology

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In 2005, Sony and Toshiba announced their departure from the plasma business, followed by Hitachi and Pioneer in 2008. Now South Korean companies Samsung and LG Electronics have announced their abandonment of the once-popular panel option.

Samsung and LG have recently cancelled their investment plans into plasma panels into Taiwan’s Chungwa Picture Tubes, with us seeing more companies gradually making the move to alternative sources, citing plasma panels to be out-of-date technology akin to the CRT’s seen above.

Changhong has become one of the lone survivors in the plasma business, often being asked by media if they’re going to give it up. A Changong representative answers publicly when asked this question, but dodged it entirely – providing a complete ‘non-answer’. In 2005, Changhong completed their Plasma TV market dominence and set forward with a $2 billion investment in 2007. Nine years down the road, it seems that Changhong has made the wrong decision.

Changhong had previously invested over 40 billion yuan ($6,525,822,000 US) into plasma projects, resulting in losses every year following ans deciding to call it quits – selling eventually for a grand sum of 64.2 million yuan ($10.4 m USD). To this day, it’s hard to say if the failure is due completely due to the plasma markets decline, or also due to Changhon technology in itself.

Unfortunately before the sale, Changhong found themselves in some hot water – seeing hundreds of employees waiting for resettlement discontinued and providing a ruthless end to a once glorious reign. News has just surfaced on November the 2nd of their plans to sell their assets for the aforementioned 64.2 million yuan – relieving the owners of their failing factories burden.

When is the last time you saw a plasma TV on the market? Personally, I didn’t really notice their slow fade into non-existence, but it’s becoming clear that crystal, LCD and LED is now king of the tech-jungle.

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  • Avatar Weston Konik says:

    it is sad, since Plasmas have better picture quality. there are still some good Plsma TVs on sale from Samsung and LG, but eventually the stock will run out. i am trying to get a Samsung by April…. T_T

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