Biostar Releases GeForce GTX750Ti Graphics Card

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Biostar GTX750Ti

There is no doubt that most of us dream of that high-end rig with just the best of the best components, but the truth is that a lot of people don’t need that much power. For a lot of people, less is sufficient. You don’t need triple GTX980 setups to run League of Legends or surf the web for YouTube videos. So why waste money on something that never really will be used. For these people, and anyone else that might want it, Biostar released a new GeForce GTX750Ti (VR75T5XUX1) Gaming/OC graphics card.

The new Biostar GTX750Ti is built with Nvidia’s first-generation Maxwell architecture and comes with 2GB GDDR5 memory on a 128bit memory bus and a full-size PCB. The card offers dual DVI output together with a mini-HDMI for up to 4K displays. It has a 1059MHz base clock and a turbo of 1137MHz. The memory is clocked at 5400MHz.

There is no official DX12 support, but the card does support DirectX 11, Nvidia PuroVideo HD Technology, and PhysX and CUDA Technology. The dual-fan cooling design should keep this already cool card at an optimal temperature versus noise level that is a welcome bonus for anyone.

Biostar has set the MSRP of their GeForce GTX750Ti graphics card at $149.00 which is something more people will be able to afford than the flagship graphics cards that easily run in around the $1K marker.

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2 Comments on Biostar Releases GeForce GTX750Ti Graphics Card

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    This is an old card that Biostar tries to sell as a combo with every new motherboard they announce. Don’t get fulled by their newsletters in your mailbox. In the newsletters that they send in the mailbox, they always mention the GTX 750Ti. In their news on their site they only mention the motherboard.

  • Avatar Paul Anthony Soh says:

    Pretty late into the party eh, Biostar? The GTX 950 is much better and even the lower cheaper end 950s cost the same as this while performing much much better.

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