Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review

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Software Overview

Smart Speed LAN

Smart Speed LAN is yet another packet prioritisation piece of software for managing your networking parameters. The software is developed by Realtek for Biostar which is probably a result of the tendency for Biostar to nearly-always use Realtek network controllers. The software is actually very basic in terms of its options and the parameters you can tweak, especially if we compare it to something like the ASUS Turbo LAN (CFOS developed), ASUS GameFirst III or ASRock XFast Lan (CFOS developed). However, I think it is definitely better to have something basic than nothing at all.

T Overclocker

T Overclocker is the Biostar Windows-based overclocking utility. From within this program you can tweak all aspects of your CPU and save or load overclocking profiles. The app allows you to tune voltages and frequencies as well as monitor and explore your CPU/DRAM hardware.

Biostar Software Z97WE (1)

Smart Ear

Smart Ear is an audio utility which allows you to select the appropriate headset impedance for a set of headphones. It is quite similar to the ASUS SoundStage utility although it does not have the ability to auto-detect the correct settings like the ASUS software can.Biostar Software Z97WE (3)

Green Power Utility (GPU)

The Biostar GPU has a somewhat confusing name because it is totally not related to GPUs in any way. However, it is still useful – it is essentially the power saving software for the motherboard. Again like all the Biostar software it is very basic, the ability to tweak and tune is absolutely no match for rival solutions like the ASUS EPU.

Biostar Software Z97WE (1)

MAGIX Multimedia Suite

Biostar are targeting this motherboard at HTPC users and media users so they include a multimedia suite package to back that up. I honestly didn’t have time to install six different pieces of software and take a look around but from what I can see this software is actually pretty decent and worth quite a bit of money if you were to buy it all standalone. You can find more details about this software at the third party developer’s website here.

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Article Index

  1. Introduction, Specifications and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look & Layout Analysis
  3. The Test System and Test Software
  4. BIOS
  5. Software Overview
  6. Overclocking
  7. CPU Performance
  8. GPU Performance
  9. Memory Performance
  10. SATA, M.2 and USB Performance
  11. Networking Performance
  12. Audio Performance
  13. Power Consumption and Thermals
  14. Final Thoughts
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1 Comment on Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review

  • Avatar Phillip says:

    I have this motherboard. I run Windows 7 Professional x64.
    I do not see any option to team the 2 NICs. I tried the NIC driver on the manufacture’s website and the (latest once from RealTek). None of these driver help.
    I have a Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H (also have 2 NICs). The teaming option can be found right in the property menu of the NICs.
    No idea why this option is not showing for the BioStar.
    I emailed the biostart US support e-mail for 3 days and haven’t heard anything from them.
    Can any one help with the NIC teaming of this mom-board?

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