Biostar Dual Gigabit LAN 6+ Experience Motherboards Released

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Biostar is releasing three new motherboards this week, each featuring dual Gigabit LAN on-board that will make networking and gaming even better with what Biostar are calling the “6+ Experience”. To achieve this, the “Hi-Fi B85S2G”, “Hi-Fi A88S2G”, and “Hi-Fi B85N 3D” have Gigabit LAN connections on the board that allow simultaneous LAN connections, giving you room for much better network performance.

Doubling bandwidth gives you room for things like full-duplex transmission, two networks can be simultaneously transmitted to upload and download at the same time. In addition, there is zero packet delay with two high-speed gigabit networks, giving super high data transmission efficiency. Another major advantage is Load Balancing. This allows users to attach both network adapters to a single network. This can allow for double the network bandwidth of a single connection under certain circumstances. These Biostar motherboards will therefore support the aggregation “teaming” function. Just merge the two connections to support multiple aggregation mode. Advanced users will no doubt be excited about this setup as it also means you can turn your system into a software router.

“With Biostar’s dual Gigabit LAN connections you get network insurance. These boards come with two Gigabit Ethernet lightning protection circuits, there are cross-efficient in reducing the probability of damage from lightning or other power surge. So if one connection is disabled the other connection will automatically kick in.” said Biostar in a recent press release.

With 6+ Experience boards, users will have the following enhancements in the areas of BIOSTAR expertise: Audio+, Video+, Speed+, Protection+, Durability+ and DIY+.

  • Audio+ – The audio features from Biostar are extensive with the following audio features: 3D Audio, True Blu-Ray Audio, 3D HiFi Amp and 3D Smart Ear.
  • Video+ – With AMD’s Radeon Graphics and support for Microsoft’s DirectX 11.1, 3D powered graphics are delivered with ease. There is support for full HDMI 3D 1080p and and it supports AMD’s Eyefinity technology.
  • Speed+ – With PCI-E 3.0 technology, there is 2 times the bandwidth of PCI-E 2.0 and allows for up to 1GB/s of bandwidth per lane per direction. There is also SmartSpeedLAN which is a free software application that monitors and manages your PC’s network behavior. Charger Booster is the fastest and most efficient charger solution for apple devices such as iPads and iPhones.
  • Protection+ – USB Overcurrent Protection is an onboard dedicated power fuse to help prevent electrical USB port failure. This ESD protection (Electrostatic Discharge), prevents the USB Port from providing overcurrent. In addition, throughout strategic places on the board there are OVER-Current Protection, OVER-Voltage Protection, and OVER-Heat Protection safeguards. These are special circuit designs to detect heat and overvoltage conditions to prevent voltage surges from spreading in real time.
  • Durability+ – There are several design features that work towards providing a more durable motherboard on which to build a system. Low RdsOn P-Pak MOS is a low resistance design that can significantly reduce the current in energy loss. Durability+ also means the use of a moisture-proof PCB. Computers are often used in humid areas (such as coastal climates). The PCB will oxidize if it can easily absorb moisture. Moisture-proof PCBs meet high density and high reliability requirements for moisture proofing.
  • DIY+ – Many people love to do it yourself when building PCs and Biostar fully supports the user in many innovative ways such as with BIOS features. UEFI BIOS is a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface. The UEFI BIOS comes with a colourful easy-understand icons leading users directly into the setup layer. BIO-Remote 2 gives users a better Home Theater environment. Users who own either Android or Apple products are able to access and control the PC remotely. This allows a smart device to become an intelligent and functional remote controller. In addition, the BIO-Remote2 feature also includes both the function of a mouse pad and a power point presentation controller.


The new boards certainly sound like great products, the only issue I have is that they’re pretty ugly to look at. Of course looks aren’t everything when it comes to internal components, but it certainly never hurts retail sales for something to look cool. These could be a good solution for those wanting to focus on networking and perhaps even HTPC style builds.

Thank you BioStar for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

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