Best Microgaming Video Slot Machines Released in 2015

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2015 was a long and fruitful year for game developers. Some well known, major franchises have made comebacks on the market, like a new Mortal Kombat title or Rise of the Tomb Raider. Others have been announced – the upcoming Doom reboot is maybe the most interesting of them all. But great things have happened in less known gaming industry – that of real money online games. Microgaming, one of the leading developers of the industry, has launched several new slot games on the Royal Vegas Casino Canada during the year. And here are the best ones of the best.

#5 – Big Chef

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Perhaps I’m driven by nostalgia toward this game, as it reminds me of the time I spent learning to cook at a five-star hotel’s kitchen. Big Chef is a great game, with some mouthwatering foods on its reels, and some equally mouthwatering wins in store for Royal Vegas players. Its visuals, sounds and features make it one of the best video slots to be released this year.

#4 – Hot as Hades

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I like this game especially because of its visuals – as well as the friendly Hades smiling from the reels. He is an overall cool guy in his hot land, surrounded by pools of lava, playing with his three-headed puppy (Cerberus) and generally having as much fun as possible. Hot as Hades is a great game from a Royal Vegas slots player’s point of view, too – it has some great features and lots of wins in store for them.

#3 – Bridesmaids

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I have to admit I didn’t see the movie (I don’t like romantic comedies), but the game I’ve fallen in love with instantly when I first tried it at the Royal Vegas casino. It is well built and full of features, exactly the way a slot machine should be in 2015. If only it wasn’t so pink… It almost convinced me to see the movie – but I left it at another time.

#2 – Titans of the Sun

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This twin slot machine release shows that there’s more to the developer than just gaming. The two games were released simultaneously at Royal Vegas, starring two of the 12 Titan descendants of Mother Earth and Father Sky. The two have been the parents of Helios (the Sun), Eos (the Dawn) and Selene (the Moon) in the Greek mythology. The games based on their image are both beautiful and fun to play, with lots of winning opportunities to them.

#1 – Serenity

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A game with beautiful graphics and a soothing background music, bringing moments of peace and serenity to the madness of the world – this is what Serenity, one of Microgaming’s latest video slots, is all about. No wonder if it made it to the top of my list – it has beautiful visuals, nice sounds and enough wins to make it worthy of your time.

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