Best Games to Play While Sitting on the Loo with Nvidia Shield

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Final Thoughts

Since I reviewed the Nvidia Shield a few weeks ago, I’ve been constantly tinkering and finding new ways of using the device to expand my entertainment. Game Stream is certainly one of the best features I’ve found so far, but it’s not without its own flaws. the first being that on some levels it is almost completely pointless, it is better seen as a bonus feature, rather than a main selling point for the console, which has enough GPU horsepower to stand on its own as an Android gaming device. The thing that gets me is that I do not need to stream my PC games in HD to the couch, so I can play them on a 5″ screen. My PC is right next to me, so is my 46″ HDTV… yet because I can stream my PC games to the Shield, I just do, because it’s kinda fun.

Playing a game on your phone is one thing, but streaming a full PC game to your Shield in 1080p HD at 60FPS, with the graphics settings dialled up to the levels of Ultra that even a next-gen console could only dream, is really a sight to behold; being able to do this while sat on the toilet makes you wonder what kind of a strange future we have entered, but it’s still damn impressive. Of course you don’t need to be sat in the bathroom to enjoy Game Stream, or any features of the Shield for that matter, you could just as easily play your games in bed, sat in the garden, or as I said before you can stream where ever the internet is fast enough.

Here we have a video I recorded last week, demonstrating the Game Stream feature over my local network. You’ll notice there is a little audio lag, but this is something that was recently addressed by a firmware update.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

If you want to know more about the Shield, especially its Android capabilities and general features and functions, then check out my full review of the console right here. There are a lot more tricks left in the Nvidia Shields armoury, so keep an eye out over the next few weeks when I’ll be diving even further into what it can really do.

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