Best Games to Buy for the PS4

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As Sony renews its fierce battle with Microsoft for supremacy and consumer interest in the games console industry, the new PlayStation 4 hits the market in time for avid gamers to receive the perfect Christmas gift. Released in late November, the console is a remarkable upgrade on the previous model, with the latest high performance technology built in to provide the ultimate gaming experience. An eight-core processor and Next-Gen graphics card offers a smooth frame rate in high definition, with a 500 gigabyte hard-drive providing ample room for save files and games to be added. The excitement and high expectation which surrounded the latter pre-launch contributed towards the PlayStation 4 becoming the fastest selling console in the United Kingdom.

Get into Battle with First-Person Shooters

Although the PlayStation 4 is in its relative infancy, a selection of games were released on the same day as the console to provide avid gamers with an instant taste of next generation graphics that make virtual simulation and imagery as close to real life as it gets. Arguably the prime genre for the most stimulating gaming experience is first-person shooters which put gamers straight into the battlefield amidst gunfire, explosions and combat. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 divide opinion between gamers through the subtle gameplay differences and angles they take on combat, but both are unarguably superb titles in their own right. Both games revolve around joining allied forces in the face of terrorism and war to stop an opposition from claiming world domination; this is captured through high definition graphics and superb cinematography that make the gameplay feel so realistic. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Blacklight: Retribution is more futuristic versions of first-person shooters which focus on military intelligence units which use hybrid military weaponry that push the realms of possibility to new lengths.


Make the Difference on the Pitch

Sports games continue to narrow the boundaries between virtual simulation and reality through next generation graphics and gameplay that make gamers feel like they are on the pitch themselves playing in front of a packed stadium. Finding a balance between risk and fortune produces a similar experience on a sports game as it does playing bingo or slots on Produced by EA Sports, the new instalment in the FIFA series comes to life on the PlayStation 4 through Ignite – an AI-based engine that make the players move, behave and think like real-life footballers, and make the crowd more dynamic in their actions and celebrations. FIFA 14 also utilises innovative graphic systems to effectively capture the faces of the world’s best players and integrate them upon a game with intricate detail that is similar to watching a football game on TV. EA Sports have utilised their technological capabilities and next-gen graphics to also release Madden NFL 25 and NBA Live 14 which make American Football and basketball feel more realistic than ever.


Something for the Family

Although leading titles and genres were likely to be the main attraction upon the launch of the PlayStation 4, game developers appreciate that there is a larger audience to appease than merely serving to lovers of sports games or first-person shooters. Games which are targeted towards families and children are effective in bringing parents and children closer together through a fun activity, and can also serve a fundamental purpose for children to learn invaluable life lessons and skills. The Lego series has often struck a positive chord with adults and children who control Lego-shaped characters across a multitude of platform levels, both of which carry a relatable theme through a famous film and its character. The latest instalment, Marvel Super Heroes, brings Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America and others together to defeat Marvel villains across locations that are synonymous with the film. Another game which has been made exclusive to the PlayStation 4 is Knack, an adventure game which utilises unique powers across fun-based, action-packed levels to combat against a threat to mankind. The colourful, friendly characters can be instantly appreciated by children in a vibrant, high resolution world that needs their help.

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