be quiet! Silent Base 600 Window Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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The interior is well designed, with huge cable routing grommets, built-in motherboard stand-offs and a huge CPU cooler mounting cut out, so the installation process should be nice and easy.


In the top, you’ll find a pair of 120/140mm fan mounts, with some ventilation at the top to make way for airflow.


Tucked in the bottom, four thick rubber pads under the PSU, which will help reduce any vibrations. There’s lots of ventilation too, with room for a 120/140mm fan in the base of the chassis for extra airflow.


The front hard drive bay supports 3.5″ drives, which can be mounted with clip on anti-vibration rubber rails. There’s a slide up/down mechanism with a thumb screw on the left, allowing you to lock your drives into place and two more thumb screws that allow you to completely remove the drive bay, making room for bigger front mounts cooling hardware or a second long graphics card.


There’s a good amount of clearance above the hard drive bay, giving you room for even the longest graphics card on the market.


There are three 5.25″ drive bays, likely more than most people will ever need, but they’re handy for fan controllers, water cooling hardware, or hot swap drive bays. Or you know, an actual optical drive.


There’s plenty of room in the back for a 120mm water cooling radiator or AIO, even if you stick with the pre-installed fan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a very high quality be quiet! Silent Wings fan.


There’s a small cut-away to the rear of the chassis frame, making it easier to reach the expansion slot screws with your screw driver. Below that, a thick foam padding on the PSU cut-out ensures a snug and vibration-free fitting.


There’s a good amount of cable routing space at the back, with a few cable tie loops to help keep everything neat and tidy.


Two stealth 2.5″ drive mounts behind the motherboard, very handy should you need to remove the front hard drive bays for extra cooling.


The side panels are extremely well made, with very little flex in them and a the window panel is especially brilliant. A tightly sealed dual-layer window, which amazingly blocks the same amount of noise as a panel with noise dampening material! This is the same panel design that be quiet! innovated for their Silent Base 800 Window Edition chassis.


The right side panel is coated with a thick layer of sound dampening material, although I struggle to find a part of this chassis that hasn’t been designed to block noise, which is no bad thing if you seek a super quiet PC build.


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