BBC creates mind-control TV headset

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The BBC, in collaboration with tech company This Place, has developed a way people can select programmes using a cheap, brainwave-reading headset. They released the new technology on the 18th on the BBC news website.The headset works with an experimental version of the BBC’s iPlayer on-demand platform at the moment, but I suspect that it will become available rather soon.

Users can turn on and operate the app by concentrating or relaxing their minds.

The technology behind the system has been around for over a year now, but still in early stages. Hopefully, this system will be much more stable and be functional.

“It’s an internal prototype designed to give our programme makers, technologists and other users an idea of how this technology might be used in future,” said Cyrus Saihan, head of business development for the BBC’s Digital division.

In the first trial, 10 BBC staff tried out the app and were able to launch iPlayer and start viewing a programme via the headset, he said.

“It was much easier for some than it was for others, but they all managed to get it to work,” said Mr Saihan.

There are already other brainwave detectors and controllers out there, such as the Emotiv which is currently retailing at $499. BBC haven’t stated when this will be available for purchase or how much it will cost.

Thank you to the BBC for providing us with this information.

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