Batman: Arkham Knight set for Release on 2nd of June, 2015

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Two special editions of Batman: Arkham Knight are to be released on June the 2nd, 2015 by Warner Bros. and DC.

There will be a ‘limited edition’ including an art book, SteelBook case and game disk, the Arkham Knight comic, 52 exclusive in-game skins and a Batman statue. Coming in at $144 for the PS4 or Xbox One and a $120 price for Aussies, Europeans and New Zealanders looking to play on a PC.

The other edition is appropriately named the ‘Batmobile Edition’, limited to console only. Alongside everything offered in the ‘limited edition’ box, its higher priced counterpart comes with a Batmobile transforming statue that replaces the ‘limited edition’ Batman solo statue. Coming in at $200, it’s nothing to be sniffed at.

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6 Comments on Batman: Arkham Knight set for Release on 2nd of June, 2015

  • Avatar J_P says:

    I am outraged. While the definition of Broadband may or may not have changed, the definition of High-quality Transmissions most certainly has. In an average US household, the only way One (1) PC can receive HD quality video streaming is if everyone else in the house (assuming the household contains 4 individuals, each with a device attached and using the Internet) stops all Internet activities, including browsing. When there are so many faster options available, why keep even the low-speed connections so “exclusive” and expensive? Time to advance to the 21st Century.

    Just as 32 and 64GB flash drives are commonplace today (how many readers never thought they’d see the day when $10 could net them 64GB of storage the size of a house key?), so should 10MBps and even 20MBps connections be the norm.

  • Avatar Grymeylyfe says:

    Anyone in their right mind knows thats way too low to do anything with in a house with more than one person lol.

  • Avatar Xavier Isaacson says:

    This “only available for consoles” bullshit needs to stop. I had considered buying this, but if WB are going to be such catastrophic twats about it, then I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  • Avatar Xavier Isaacson says:

    Eteknix, what is going on with your links today? I commented on the Batman article and it shows up on here, and the comments here are showing up on the Batman article :/

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Personally I’m not in the least bit interested in art books, statues, cases etc. and certainly wouldn’t consider shelling out extra for it, the game itself is all that interests me and now the release date is almost a year away?… A lot can happen in that time including further postponement. If I have to wait for it to come on special on Steam (which I’ll do) it could be more than 2 years before I get to play the game… Oh well, so be it.

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