Batman: Arkham Knight Performance Analysis Update

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Final Thoughts

Now that the new updates have been implemented, we can get a much clearer impression of how graphics card performance is within the game itself. Before now, the benchmark suffered very few of the issues that the game experienced such as the 30FPS cap. However, while the results were accurate, a small portion of readers found them to be misleading. I can now put this to bed that these results are accurate to the game thanks to the implementation of the 90FPS cap (which doesn’t actually work).

Before I expand on the performance, I experienced a rather concerning issue with three of the lower performance graphics cards which I believe to be a driver compatibility issue with the benchmark software. With each GTX 960, GTX 950 and R9 380 all froze the benchmark at exactly the same point each time. I played a small portion of the campaign and there were zero issues, so the problem is the benchmark software itself.

Apart from that issue, every other card performed extremely well and it shows through the results. Every card managed to hit at least 96 FPS at 1080p and all over 60FPS at 1440p. When the resolution was cranked to 4K, performance suffered, but with some minor graphical settings reduced, we could see 60FPs with some of the more powerful cards quite easily.

So a word to WB, NVIDIA and other developers, good job BUT please don’t let a game get released like this again!

Thank you to all our partners who provided the hardware and software that made this driver analysis possible.

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